Registration of medicines and medical devices is a pre-requisite for commercial activity in a given country. Fast and proper registration saves time and money for manufacturers allowing for quick launch of sales Cosmos has an outstanding experience in drug registration and other regulatory work; over the past three years we successfully completed in excess of many individual projects. We registered more than 50 new products for leading national/ international pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, with many of them being revolutionary orphan and complex biologics drugs According to Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the average time-to-registration in CIS countries is over 30 months. Cosmos can facilitate product registration in record times, frequently in less than 10 months; our regulatory work is also characterized by the highest quality.



A good understanding of the market is fundamental in making an educated “Go – No Go” decision. If you decide to “Go,” then knowing how to approach the market is critical in selling a pharmaceutical product successfully. Producing accurate market analyses in emerging markets is challenging; exceptional expertise and understanding are required to turn sometime suspect quality, often-times ambiguous data into reliable and actionable information Historically, pharmaceutical market data in emerging markets has been sparse. In working with a client, we ideally would like to provide consistently high-quality data across a variety of therapeutic areas, but such data may not exist! As a result, we access a variety of sources. We regularly use databases of private providers, various government agencies, trade associations, and medical publications, as well as consult with experts and government officials. We compare, contrast and crosscheck these in order to ensure that we have the most accurate and reliable information available. We analyze the data to distill individual strategies. We review the historical market for a particular need, identify key drivers, and try to forecast future dynamics in the relevant environment. We appraise competitive forces (if they exist in the environment, e.g., introduction of new competing products, appearance of substitutes, manufacturers’ market-related decisions), and regulatory influences. Based on this information, We estimate potential product sales, and issue recommendations on product marketing (e.g., pricing policy). We ensure superior quality research because we utilize our expansive network of contacts to access key experts and decision-makers in the field, and because we employ professionals of the highest caliber. Any Cosmos employee engaged in market research has had years of experience, having previously worked in senior positions in marketing at local offices of leading pharmaceutical companies.



Our team has extensive and successful track record of completing large market access projects across CIS. We effectively help pharmaceutical companies to increase sales of their product portfolios in both commercial and reimbursement market segments. We carefully plan these projects so that desired results will be achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are a few key success factors that allow us to effectively conduct market access campaigns Over the past years we developed deep knowledge of the vast majority of CIS regions. We know, and constantly keep track of any changes in, their legislature, normative documentation, priority therapeutic areas, and local needs. This knowledge allows us to effectively focus our efforts on most promising market access routes for any new medicine. Our understanding of internal market dynamics further enhances our ability to develop strong market access campaigns We also have strong experience in communications with leading doctors, government officials, and other decision makers across CIS. This reliable and extensive network of contacts allows us to quickly share information on new medicines with the target audience in multiple regions. Fast and focused information delivery allows for quick decision making leading to immediate increase in sales After an initial market access campaign we are able to continue working with a product to insure its successful commercialization and its strong position on the local market. Please contact us to learn more about our market access capabilities and services



Marketing, while clearly important for successful product commercialization, can be challenging in emerging markets. Multiple parties involved, unclear decision making process, limited financial resources, and many other factors make marketing function very complex. Effective promotion of a single product or of a drug portfolio requires both clear and comprehensive marketing strategy as well as its seamless execution Cosmos specializes in organizing individual marketing events as well as full-scale promotional campaigns. We diligently investigate the market, identify key decision makers and influencers, and carefully develop key positioning messages that will be communicated to all relevant parties. Cosmos acts as an intermediary between our clients, decision makers, opinion leaders, patients, and medical community. We organize clear ongoing communications and make sure that all involved agents have full access to information on marketed product, its benefits and competitive advantages. As a part of our marketing services, we conduct effective GR and PR campaigns. In these services we rely on our deep knowledge of healthcare on federal and regional levels, relevant legislature, different sources of funding, industry trends and dynamics, as well as on our strong in government relations area we help companies to define their long-term goals on emerging markets and to align their strategy with these goals